Why Arts?


We believe participation in the arts develops creativity.  In the coming age of global communication and rapid technology advances, our society will value creative abilities as never before.  Through the arts, children can easily access basic skills necessary for academic success in later school years.  At Arts In Motion Preschool, we believe that children benefit from a creative approach to learning.  We strive to provide a positive and welcoming environment for all children employing remarkable teachers who are dedicated to nurturing and educating young children. At Arts In Motion, we passionately embrace our responsibility to help children develop into capable, confident, creative and caring human beings.

Arts learning includes sensory, perceptual, and physical experiences that develop understanding of important concepts, such as:

  • relationships between space and time
  • form and structure
  • the life cycle

Experiencing literature and story-telling through drama, visual art, dance, and music can help students to:

  • connect literature to personal experiences
  • develop a rich perspective
  • relate to others
Our licensed educators take pride in developing the whole child and setting the stage for future learning.  The artistic and well rounded approach of Arts In Motion Childcare Centre concentrates on these main developmental skills:
  • Social and emotional growth
  • Intellectual development
  • Creativity
  • Physical development of Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Through hands-on, meaningful experiences in the arts, children at Arts in Motion Performing Arts Childcare Centre are able to explore the world through their inherent and natural curiosities; the arts provide a playground for the mind of the child. Arts education is the answer to preparing young minds and bodies for a creative world.
Exploring and discussing art with young children pays off by helping children organize their thoughts and develop logical, yet creative thinking. Children learn that “visual symbols can communicate ideas” and story telling can help improve descriptive language. Taking care to allow children the opportunity to talk, dramatize, sing, dance and otherwise creatively communicate allows them to sharpen their ability to use symbolic thought.


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